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Update 103

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Old friend Vintorez is back
Vintorez was returned to game as unique sniper rifle with automatic fire mode. Only scouts can use it. Its parameters very similar to assault rifles. Vintorez features 3 fire modes:
- Aimed shot with single bullet
- Burst with 5 bullets
- Snap with 3 bullets
Unlike other sniper rifles, its damage type is simple "bullet".
You can buy this rifle for gold and platinum.
Hurry up, the offer is limited.


New premium machinegun Heckler & Koch 21
It continues line of PKM and RPD on 12 level. It has better damage and accuracy. You can craft this weapon or buy from premium-shop.


Two new magic keyboard buttons
First one allows to begin movement along planned path. Like double mouse click. In addition, if your character detects an enemy, your planned path will not disappear. You will be able to send character further with this button. By default first magic button is mapped on "F".
Second magic button will shorten planned path by 1 AP (may be inaccurate on narrow surfaces). By default key "X".
If you have ever changed keymap preferenes, you might want to define those buttons manually. Go Menu->Settings->Misc.->Controls and look for "Battle" section.


New event: Lone tamer
In this event 3 players from one team will fight against lone player who control several angry freaks! Unlike "Droids" event, he will fully control them.


Changes in items
Shell damage type was changed. Now 95% of damage will go to armor and 5% to health. It used to be 85% and 15% respectively. It means that shell will be more effective in destroying enemy armor.

  • SVU: Damage was increased
  • Dan Wesson PPC: Damage was decreased
  • Dozer: Damage was increased
  • Combat knife: AP 30->25, damage 30-52 -> 21-38
  • Machete: damage 40-60 -> 38-54
  • M202, FN FAL, Keltec KSG, Vintorez now can not be sold or destroyed.
  • Monthly comfort set: cost was decreased.
  • Case with gold: cost was decreased
  • Black rojer: cost 20->15 tags
  • Home-made UAV: radius 12->15
  • Infrasound generator: radius 7->10, range 25->30


New leg implant L-RO-05. Increases bullet resistance and recreases fire and explosion resistance. You can buy it from Konoval.

  • A-MT-04: Weapon swap cost -5 -> -8
  • H-HT-02: Experience gain 5% -> 10%
  • T-AD-03: health 5->8
  • T-WA-05: damage spread -20 -> -30
  • L-KS-04: fire resistance 10%->20%
  • H-SQ-01: Credits bonus 6%->8%


Aiming interference behavior was changed
Only character who is closer than mimimal weapon range will interefere fire.
If you aim at character A, only those characters who cover character A for 20% and more will interfere fire.
Anything in weapon spread sector will interfere aiming in other cases.


Other changes

  • Players from ignore list will not be able to invite you in group, clan or open trade window.
  • Aiming with SHIFT key was improved. Weapons with high minimal range (like sniper rifles) will zoom in.
  • Clan warehouse log will allow to search by player name, who is not clan member.
  • Max length of clan-log was increased from 100 entries to 200.
  • Maximum value of resistance was decreased to 80%
  • Skill "Martial Art ": melee damage on 2 level 35%->30%
  • Contract "Missing trophy": maximum level 4->5, stealer health 50->150, minimal number of players to start 1->2, reward was changed.
  • Clan event "Double Hach": time 120->100 minutes.
  • If you close game client and dodge arena matchup, you will get to prison for 5 minutes.


Other fixes

  • You will no longer get stuck on ladder in Industrial.
  • Explosions will now deal damage even if projectile get in narrow hole.
  • Fixed bug when contracts sometime incorrectly score up.
  • Fixed bug when you fail to hit enemy on maximum distance.
  • Fixed game client crash on repeated opening of "hire mercenary" dialog.
  • Probably fixed a bug with incorrect explosion position of barrels.
  • Fixed bug when you get stuck in pile of boxes in Factory.
  • Fixed dressing room bug.

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