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Update 90

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PvP Tournaments
In this update we`re introducing PvP Tournaments! The first global testing for Tournaments begins today.
At level 12 you can participate in ranked PvP Tournaments. Fight for the best rank, win valuable prizes and respect! Champions of seasonal tournaments get unique items, medals, and other useful rewards; they even hold a place in a list of the best players of all time!
Tournaments are seasonal, each of them lasting 12 weeks. Player rating is updated every week; you can check on it in your Dashboard (F1). Winners of a seasonal tournament are defined at the end of the last week of the current season.
The duel mode with 3 mercs is now available. For each victory you will receive Tournament Tags (TT), which can be exchanged for various items, including platinum. For every week the quantity of received TTs is limited by your current rating. So by increasing your rating, you will be able to receive more TTs.
To keep up your participation in a rating you need to win at least 5 tournament fights a week. You can see your current status of participation on the panel of each mode (duel only). If your status isn't confirmed by the end of the week, you will lose 10% of your rating in this mode.
Players join the battle relating to their Tournament rating instead of their levels. Health points are not compensated. The similar command mode will be added in the future. 
· Player rating and clan rating based on BP (battle points) renamed to PvP activity rating.
· Added tournament rating (updates following the results of every week).
· List of Champions of all time is added (updates following the results of every season).
New Weapons
· New top leveled light premium Dozer shotgun for level 11. It`s available in John Smith`s shop; you can also craft it or rent it.
· New top leveled premium USAS12 automatic shotgun for level 12. It`s available in John Smith`s shop; you can also rent it.
- New QBZ95B automatic rifle for level 4.
New Helmets 
· Striker
· Saboteur
· Praetorian
All of them are available in John Smith`s shop.
Gangs Tags exchange
New NPC, Collins, now appears in the Factory. He will exchange gang tags for the special items related to the gang. For now he exchanges only anarchy tags for punk drugs and the new unique QBZ95B automatic rifle for level 4.
New Contracts 
· "Rats". There are suspicions that some vanguards are sharing secret information with the gangs. Reveal the enemy spies and destroy them! (lvl 3-6)
· "Cross Fire". Gangs often start firefights among themselves over territories and spheres of influence. Use this moment to kill as many bastards as you can while they cut each other's throats! (7-10 lvl).
5 new musical tracks added.
Other changes
· More client optimization.
· Right-clicking on a merc from an active squad displays a window with it's equipment, characteristics, and abilities.
· Chat window size and the chat window's current open tabs are now saved when you log off.
· Chat settings menu and chat window minimization has been added (the button to the left of the chat window).
· If the type of loot sharing is changed you receive a notice in the chat window.
· Light shotguns (VG-shotgun, Shark, XM26LSS) now have a small damage increase and a small dispersion decrease. 
· VG Grenade Launcher ammo increased from 3 to 6.
Rewards for completion of the following contracts have been changed: "Psychopaths
Food stocks, Easy work, Detoxication, Big Brother, Iron patrol, Punishment Engine, Lab supplies, Raid: Annihilator, Raid: Triplex, Raid: Kill GHOST, Raid: Cop Killer".
· “Heavy Armor”. The character uses heavy armor: +10% armor; +5 armor points; -10% mobility.
· “Lucky Coin”. From now on Lucky Coin will not block all damage. When triggered the character will now lose half of their current armor points and health points.
· The price of rare items should be displayed correctly in the fast trade confirmation window.
· You no longer receive an event notice after it finishes.

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